Lisa Sato

Chief Dreamer

Principal, Chief Executive

With 20 years of experience in live events, Lisa has developed a proven event strategy, content development, and creative process. She also has an uncanny ability to push creative beyond rectangular screens, while still approaching a project holistically and maintaining a cohesive message through every aspect of a project. Although she has a passion for creating wonderment, she knows that this cannot be achieved without production excellence, which is why she believes in the importance of empowered producers to manage client relationships. Before founding Studio Firefly, and leading our production team, Lisa was the Chief Dreamer for satoriteller, a multifaceted media arts and production company.

Ethan Hoerneman

Client Whisperer

Principal, Chief of Creative

Ethan has devoted his artistic talents to more than 800 corporate, theatrical, and television productions over the past 20+ years. With a diverse background in production and content design, he ably balances his creative and technical skills to execute excellence on every Studio Firefly project. Ethan has a keen eye for design mixed with a practical approach that ensures every moment of a branding experience is not only compelling and filled with wonderment, but also achievable. Before founding Studio Firefly, and leading our team of designers and artists, Ethan was the founder and Creative Director for Firefly Arts, a media arts and design company.

John Sander

Pot Stirrer Emeritus

Visionary Strategist

John is the Founder and Principal of PH Productions, Inc. His talent is best showcased when he’s engaged in creating a holistic, integrated event experience. John’s focus is on creative design and providing fresh perspectives and solutions to meet marketing and business objectives. He has a long background in theatrical production dating back to the late 70’s when he crewed his first touring production that launched a career in theatrical production and design that ultimately led to the founding of PH Productions in 1995. We teasingly call John the “Pot Stirrer Emeritus”, but we know it’s his spoon that turns the ordinary into wonderment.

Reba Aronne


Chief Operations & Organization Leader


Sully Taylor

Office Barista

Production Designer


Sohini Sinha

Smile Strategist

Lead Producer